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It's amazing at how easy it can be to get so busy and not get around to updating this site, but nevertheless here we are.  For the past month we sort of took a vacation of sorts without the resting.  But now we are pushing to finish this album with a strong lineup and some new material.  It will be finished by the summer just in time for our tour which we are still praying comes together.  Thank you for all your support and we hope to see you guys soon.  In Christ.

It's been a while since we've updated this site because myspace is taking over the universe.  But we have been diligently writing our album and playing shows everywhere.  We are planning on taking December and January off to finish writing and start recording our new album.  Tonight we have a show with our good friends 7-miles and on Dec. 2nd we have a show at Danville's new Plan B.  We are really excited about this.  Our demo is nearing the 100 sales mark so thanks for all of you who are supporting what we do.  Continue to pray for us and we will see you Inkblots at a show.  God bless.

Another exciting month past and more news to come.  We have been working hard on some music and wrote an awesome new song called "Cliche" and yes it does have some surprises.  We are also beginning to work on "I used to be timid" as well.  These songs should be ready by our next few shows.  NO MORE COVER SONGS!!!  Come join us on myspace at  ...we need friends!!!  We can't wait to play at The Exit and The Fire Escape in the next few shall be nifty. The Demo is on sale for $ support local music with your purchase. Thank you Inkblots for all your prayers and support!!!  We love you guys.

A lot has went on and developed within the existence of Crimson Ink.  A truly humbling experience of playing for little kids brought us all closer together as a band.  Those kids were crazy!  It was truly awesome to be looked up to in that respect and we thank God for that opportunity and for keeping us humble.  The show in Hickory went great and we got to see some of our good pals from Whitnel PH.  Big shoutout to the Inkblots!  And as soon as we post that a demo wasnt going to happen...guess what?  A month later and we have a three song demo with "My Escape", "Vessel Unto Honor" AKA Track One, and our new song "Bouquet of Thorns."  Recorded in the basement of Cameron and Cortney's uncle's house, the demo idea was last minute we admit.  A competition called Purple Door Festival called for a demo for a chance to play with Christian music's biggest artists such as Pillar, Norma Jean, Blindside, Haste the Day, and the Chariot, just to name a few.  So we got in the studio and cut the demo in 3 days with a tight deadline and NO METRONOMES.  We made it through and Derrick and Chad did a great job producing it.  The demo should be on sale for $3 at the Exit show on the 12th.  Also a new Crimson Ink girl's shirt is out.  It's a tan cap sleeved shirt w/ chocolate brown sleeves and the red Crimson Ink logo.  It will be on sale for $15.  We also finished a new song just yesterday called "Submerged" and it is powerful.  We can't wait to play our next show and we thank God for blessing us so much as a band.  Thank you all for your prayers.  God Bless!!!

Yes Crimson Ink is still alive!  it has been a while!  We've all been busy with the joys of summer.  A few shows got cancelled but it's all good because there is much great news.  Crimson Ink t-shirts are now on sale for $12.  We have tan and black as of now.  Support us w/ your purchase (we need a system!) keep posted for more merch updates.  We promise we are almost done with "My Escape" in the studio.  Can you believe it?  As far as the "quick taste of the Ink"  we mentioned in the June 2's been very difficult getting in the studio to record so we may just go ahead and cut the full EP.  This is still questionable.  More songs are being written and are starting to take shape.  Come to our shows to check them out.  This week we will be going a little out of our genre playing some praise and worship for Camp Dayspring in Browns Summitt.  However we will be breaking out our normal hard rock set on Saturday night.  So until later we leave you w/ a God Bless and much love.

Crimson Ink is hitting the studio today. We are going to be releasing a quick taste of the Ink with a two song demo.  I know it's not many but we want to get our sound out to different places because many require a demo.  We will sell a limited number of them for about $3 so make sure to support us (we need a system!)  Some new pics are on the "gallery" page so check those (May 15 show). Another song called "I used to be timid" or something in that area is on its way.  Thanks to all of yall who support guys are great.

Well guys the site is coming together well.  We are so excited about playing shows in the near future.  Check the "shows" page for details.  We finished writing another original (dubbed Track One) which will be revealed at the MCC show. Make sure yall come out for that show. Markd is an awesome band and its gonna be a head-banging night.